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    A Message From Us

    Dear Neighbour,

    My name is William, and together with my wife Emily, we own and run Proximity Plumbing based within the Eastern Suburbs Community. We are the plumber Sydney locals trust year after year to provide simple plumbing solutions.

    Think about the last time a tradesman was in your home. Did you feel that you were in the safe hands of a licensed and certified professional? Did you feel your needs were attended to and understood after the initial consultation? Was your home & wellbeing given the respect and courtesy it deserves?

    Our mission is to create a reliable service that surpasses your expectations, providing the most dependable and efficient service without compromising quality. We ensure this through a proven track record of growth and success through word of mouth and quality of service within the Eastern Suburbs, we have over 422 + Google reviews to back this up.

    Our duty as a plumbing leader in the industry is to change the stigma associated with plumbers and remind you that there are still credible plumbers who believe in charging fairly without the need to rip people off. You deserve a Sydney plumber who underpromises and over-delivers, someone who you can trust and someone you want as your plumber for life.

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    A Message From Us

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    Familiar Faces

    You Deserve!

    A Plumber Who..Is on time, so that you’re not waiting around all day for a Sydney plumber to show up.

    A Plumber Who..Owns the business and will answer the phone when you call, not an answering machine service.

    A Plumber Who..Completes approved work immediately, instead of leaving and coming back weeks later.

    A Plumber Who..Provides options, so you can make the best decision that suites your budgets and needs.

    A Plumber Who..Treats you like a human, rather than a customer and someone he hopes to see again and again.

    A Plumber Who..Provides complimentary quotes, so you’re not pressured to go ahead and you can do your research.

    Recent Community Projects

    I cannot thank the team at Proximity Plumbing and Sydney Relining Company for a quick, affordable pipe repair solution for a previous blocked & broken drain issue. No fuss, no mess, avoided reinstatement costs and completed the same day. It was hassle-free, with interest-free finance available. As promised, this was a" no-dig" solution with a 35-year guarantee.

    Anna S
    Sydney Strata Manager

    I have been using Proximity Plumbing as my preferred local plumber for years now, the team are always friendly, they show up on time within 30 minutes and always doing such a great plumbing job, whenever any of my friends are looking for plumbing near me I always refer my trusty local plumbers- Proximity Plumbing, thanks again guys for doing such a great job at annually clearing out my blocked drains.

    Bondi Resident

    Actions Speak Louder than Words.
    We Believe It's Better To
    "Under-Promise & Over Deliver"

    0420 102 394

    We Specialise In The Following Sydney Plumbing Services

    Our Master Plumbers can help you with any plumbing requirements. From repairs and replacements to new installations, we are able to provide you with a comprehensive plumbing service at competitive prices. So, if you’re looking for a ‘plumber near me’, or need 24 hour local plumbing services in Sydney? Why not give Proximity Plumbing a call today the Plumber Sydney locals rely on.

    Don’t Believe Everything You Read On The Internet Believe What You Watch Instead

    • Guarantee Same Day Service and 30 min Response Times

    • Has 25 Years Collective Experience

    • Has an impeccable reputation within Sydney's Eastern Suburbs

    • Offers A Lifetime Warranty On All Workmanship

    • Family Owned & Operated

    • Believes In Supporting The Local Eastern Suburbs Community


    Some Tips Before Calling us


    Across this video series, we’re sharing minor DIY house plumbing tips and tricks so that you can save time, money, and possibly an emergency visit from us!

    Check Your Flexi-Hoses
    Do You Have A Gas Leak?
    All About Isolation Valves
    Watch All On YouTube

    How Do You Find A Good Honest Plumber?

    The best way to find a good plumber is through a trusted referral; often, it is best to engage a Sydney plumber with whom someone you know already has been involved with and has used. If you do not know a trusted local plumber, the next best thing you can do is check their credentials and do research online and check their reviews. Online reviews are a great way to gauge if a plumber’s previous clients were satisfied with the quality of their products and services, check out Proximity plumbing reviews.

    Furthermore, evaluate only plumbers who can deliver proof of insurance and business registry. In some circumstances, you can also ask the plumber how long he/she has been in the plumbing industry. The more experience the plumber or company has - the better the service usually is.

    Our top tip is to check their Google reviews! If a person you trust can recommend a local Sydney plumber they have used in the past, it's a clear indication if the plumber is reliable and worth engaging. Typically a paying customer pays close attention to costs, the quality of the service, and the value they receive and often will go out of their way to share their experience with a local plumber Sydney.

    Are All Plumbers The Same?

    Not all plumbers were created equal! Unfortunately, like many things in life, you get what you pay for. Plumbers that often promote cheap prices in turn often provide a cheap or inferior service. The sales tactics is to lure you in first with low prices, then add a lot more onto the job once onsite. In reality, it leaves most customers wishing you stuck with your gut and went with a more reputable company that maybe was more expensive.

    Proximity Plumbing has been around for over ten years. We are confident to be around for the next 50 + years as this is a family business that will continue to support the local community for as long as possible. We have made it our mission to be known as the number one plumbing company for the foreseeable future.


    Our #1 Mission Is Breaking The Stigma Associated With Plumbers!

    We all know a doggy tradie, and unfortunately, it ends up giving the industry a bad name. So our no-BS policy is, keep it simple from the start with an obligation free site attendance. Why? Because we are legitimately local, having eight tradesmen on the road, the likelihood of getting a call-in Bondi or Vaucluse asking for a plumber near now is high. One of our tradesmen is always nearby.

    Many tradies like to advertise a $0 callout fee, although once on site, they charge a service fee which is often waived if a quote is approved, very sneaky, and we believe unethical. We are different, and we prefer to keep it simple and take the pressure away for both the client and our tradesmen.

    We believe in earning the customers trust first and providing value right from the beginning; we have no issues providing free advice to our local community, our office in based in Dover Heights NSW 2030 so our tradesmen are never far!

    $0 Call Out Promise As Your Trusted Local Sydney Plumber

    We like to keep it simple from the start with an obligation free $0 Call Out Fee. Whether you call us direct or fill in a contact form, we do not charge for our initial call-out. We will come to your house and investigate your problem-free of charge. We will then provide you with a full quote to ensure it's clear from the start what your plumbing service will cost.

    You are in control - if you are happy with the price provided, our plumbers will start immediately. If you are not satisfied with the proposal, there is no obligation and no call out fee required for our time and advice. We also offer all clients a complimentary home plumbing inspection to ensure no hidden surprises in the future.

    We are passionate about making the entire process as transparent and straightforward as possible which starts with contacting your local emergency Sydney plumbing company 24 hours a day.

    ''65% Of Our Business Is Word Of Mouth & Repeat Customers We Pride Ourselves On The Feedback We Receive!''

    What We Get Up To On A Daily Basis

    The Golden Question - How Much Does A Plumber Charge?

    Proximity Plumbing does not have an hourly rate; we charge by the job. Although this does not appeal to everyone, we have found this is the most transparent way to conduct business. When it comes to plumbing, every job is different. That is why you are calling us in to fix it. We often find we need to see the problem before letting you know how much it will cost to fix it. That is why we offer the complimentary call out, and once we are on-site, we can determine what the job will cost. Each type of job has an upfront fixed price, and we need to determine what that is by conducting a thorough inspection.

    We respect that our clients are often time-poor professionals who want the job done efficiently and affectedly. They also appreciate their time over money and understand the genuine value. We find billing hourly gives you the incentive to work less efficiently since you are being paid not for the outcome but for your time.

    Obtaining Multiple Quotes

    We encourage that if it’s a bigger job like a sewer rehabilitation or Pipe Relining to get multiple quotes and compare apples for apples. This way, you can see the difference that sets us apart from every other plumbing company & so you can see we are generally providing you with tremendous service, prices, and ultimately great value.

    The Golden Three Rules

    1. No professional plumber can ever give you a price over the phone without an on-site diagnosis just like no doctor could ever diagnosis a patient on the phone.
    2. The old saying, “too good to be true” sums it up! do your research & shop local
    3. It’s unwise to pay too much, but it’s worse to pay too little

    Safe, Certified & Qualified

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    free book
    Saturday Is The Last Day To Redeem Your Free Report

    There is a reason why we are the one number choice of The Eastern suburb’s community, this book will tell you why you should always choose a specialist over a generalist- save your time by obtaining multiple quotes, having the same issue getting fixed over and over & keeping your money in your pocket.

    Food for thought: A generalist would be able to see an iceberg and analyse its importance to the ship’s course. But the same generalist, without a deeper knowledge of the iceberg, could be missing vital information on what is happening below the surface, you see - there is a difference.

      What To Expect When Choosing Proximity Plumbing

      • Our friendly staff will call you to make a booking on your desired day and time.
      • We offer a two-hour window, so you’re not waiting around all day.
      • Our tradesmen will call you 30 minutes before arrival to introduce themselves, so you know who to expect on arrival.
      • All tradesmen arrive in clean, branded vehicles and dressed in Proximity Plumbing uniform so they are easy to identify.
      • Tradesmen will first introduce themselves and take off their work boots off to ensure your home is kept tidy.
      • They will then inspect the issue and provide advice, suggestions, and a solution.
      • You’re in control – if you’re happy with the price provided, our plumbers will start immediately.
      • If you’re not happy with a proposal, there is no obligation and no callout fee required for our time and advice.
      • On completion, we offer all clients a complimentary home inspection to ensure no hidden surprises in future, along with Proximity Plumbing’s handy tips & hints.
      • We request all new clients to provide their honest feedback on a Google review so others can read before contacting us.
      • Our office staff will follow up after the job is completed, to ensure that everything is working properly, we will also do a scheduled 6-month call to ensure all is working 100% as it should and to touch base for any questions or concerns.
      • Before accepting payment, the office will call you directly to ensure you’re happy with the service and overall experience

      Got A Plumbing Emergency?

      Whether you’re ankle-deep in water, your ceiling has just started leaking, or your hot water has suddenly stopped flowing - Proximity Plumbing are your local emergency Sydney plumber open 24/7. Sydney Plumbing emergencies rarely happen when it’s convenient so its important to contact a local plumber specialising in eastern suburbs emergency plumbing

      • icons Identify…

        Any immediate safety threats. If you can do so without risk to yourself or your property immediately turn off gas and water at the mains.

      • icons Call…

        Proximity Plumbing on 0420 102 394 for an immediate response. We’ll guide you to safely control the situation while one of our expert master plumbers is dispatched to the site.

      • icons Repair…

        Our Sydney plumbers will promptly attend the site to conduct an initial safety check and, if agreed, begin to conduct repairs.

      No Matter What Time Of Day, Whether It’s A Friday Night Or A Sunday Morning, For A Fast Response, Call Us Now.

      0420 102 394

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Proximity Plumbing are 24/7 emergency plumbers.
      If you are in a true plumbing emergency, we suggest you call Proximity Plumbing, your local Sydney plumber. We are the local plumber in Sydney trusts for all 24-hour emergency plumbing needs. When you call our team, you're speaking to an honest plumber now, not a call centre, as we appreciate any after-hours job request requiring urgent attention; thus, we operate 24/7.

      When you're in a genuine 24/7 emergency, you want to know that when you call, you're going to be greeted by a local plumber who has the experience and capability to address your issue from the moment you call. A plumber who is licensed and based within the Eastern Suburbs and someone with a fully equipped vehicle to provide high-quality solutions in an emergency plumbing disaster should they occur.

      Although many plumbers in Sydney cover all of Sydney for plumbing emergencies, we stick within the Eastern suburbs, where we are based. We provide superior service as your local plumber can guarantee 24-hour plumbing services as standard- we guarantee to be onsite within 30 minutes of the initial call.

      If you are in a plumbing emergency, please call our 24/7 emergency plumbing hotline to speak to a plumbing technician.

      Yes, all our team are qualified licensed plumbers. All our licensed plumbers go through regular, mandatory & self-development training, not only within the company but through our service partners, this is to ensure we are staying up to date with all rules and regulations.

      We are licensed & qualified for all plumbing, drainage and gas work, when looking for a plumber near me you can rely on Proximity Plumbing to do the job right from the start.

      We are so passionate about changing the stigma and ensuring all un-licenced plumbers are ruled out as it is not fair for the credible licenced plumbers doing the right thing who have studied for six years to obtain a plumbing licence.

      Protect yourself and your investment by making sure you hire the right, licensed plumber for the job. You can check if a plumber is certified by following this link telling you about current, expired and cancelled licences under the name, licence number, or ABN/ACN. It is essential to check the tradesperson engaged has a current license to ensure they have the appropriate qualifications.

      You can find ours here:

      Furthermore, the link will provide information on whether Fair Trading has issued public warnings about the licensee, has finalised any disciplinary action against the licensee and whether the licence has been suspended or cancelled. It is always a good idea to quickly spending five minutes before approving a quote from a local plumber near you.

      Any licenced plumber is proud to show their license as it’s a sign of hard work and commitment.

      Proximity Plumbing is excited to announce that we are one of the few Eastern Suburbs plumbers based in the Eastern Suburbs! We offer our plumbing services to the Eastern Suburbs, Sydney CBD, Inner West, North Shore, Northern Beaches, Northern Suburbs, South Western Sydney, Sutherland Shire and Western Suburbs. If you're unsure if we cover your area, please feel free to call us.

      We consider ourselves blessed every day to live and operate a business strictly within the eastern suburbs. When looking for a plumber near me/ plumber now, you want a fast resolution, not a plumber that services all of Sydney which might take them 1 hour to get from job to job, thankfully Proximity Plumbing guarantee to be onsite within 30 minutes.

      Our dependable 24 hours emergency plumbing service is always ready to serve you. Due to the nature of our work, we understand that response times are one; if not the most important factors, when choosing our Sydney emergency plumbers. If you encounter any emergency plumbing problems, contact us immediately, and we can even assist over the phone if applicable.


      Our Master Plumber’s can help you with any plumbing requirements. From repairs and replacements, through to new installations, we are able to provide you with a comprehensive plumbing service at competitive prices.

      Proximity Plumbing purpose is to surpass your expectations with our highly skilled and trained licensed tradesmen. To prove it we back up our services with a Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee.

      Proximity Plumbing knows that a plumbing emergency can strike at any time, whether its 2 am from a burst flexible hose or Christmas day and the bathroom floor waste floods- Proximity Plumbing has you covered. That is why we are available and are the Sydney plumber of choice for 24 hours a day, seven days week plumbing services. We never charge overtime for these last-minute, lengthy repairs. We set the same price any time, any day.

      Proximity plumbing ensures each client is treated fairly, we do not provide discounts although we do have an $0 callout, we believe we do not have to complicate jobs by providing discounts as we charge fairly, to begin with. You can also read our blog on why we charge a call-out fee here. Have you ever heard of ' it's too good to be true?' chances are it is, if a plumber has all kinds of discounts and 'buy this get that' 50% off this, $100 off this' -  it's just a scam to lure you in.

      The age-old proverb “You Get What You Pay For” rings especially true with plumbers! However, when it comes to searching for “A Plumber Near Me” you will be inundated with “local” plumbers at bargain prices.

      Again, this is a marketing tactic to be wary of - most likely, these plumbers will charge expensive fees when they finish the job and you’ll be hit with a lot of “extras”. So, take the time to call a few plumbers first and ask some key questions.

      • Do they offer upfront pricing?
      • Is the price fixed or hourly?
      • Are there any emergency/after-hours surcharges?

      A good local plumber will come to your home and provide a free quote, so you know the total cost of repairs before the work starts!

      Choosing the cheapest will not give you the best. A plumber is a qualified technician and has worked for many years to attain their level of expertise. Like any other professional. So, the work they carry out is meant to be of a certain quality and professionalism. In the long run, it’s better to pay a slightly higher price for a plumber who knows what they’re doing than to risk an unqualified person attending the job and making the issue worse.


      We use upfront and easy-to-understand quoting system with no hidden costs. We believe in fantastic service to our clients and ensure your job is completed to the highest possible standard.
      We accept Credit card (master card, visa & Amex)
      Upon completion, you will receive a copy of the receipt and a copy of the invoice stating exactly what was carried out, with our lifetime labour warranty and manufacturer's warranty on any parts.
      Our office has a record of each job, so for any reason you needed an additional copy of your invoice, we can happily assist with this.

      We know our plumbing industry is highly competitive. However, not all plumbers hold the professionalism, knowledge, maturity & understanding like we do when it comes to customer service & that is what allows us to stand apart.

      As Proximity Plumbing grows, we want to offer this same level of service to more people who need our expertise within the Eastern Suburbs; our aim is not to win everyone over but rather maintain our high level of service for the people who appreciate it.

      Why would you choose Proximity Plumbing over a one-man band in a Ute who is a lot cheaper? Over the years, both William & Emily have built up the knowledge regarding plumbing from bookings to urgency on jobs to ensure costs are kept low & to maintain the integrity of the home. We value long-term relationships and work to know each property's unique characteristics to address any issues that inevitably arise over time effectively. No more stress & no more time wasted.

      Our office staff take the time to understand our client's plumbing concerns over the initial consultation over the phone. Some of our clients are time-poor professionals, and their personality trait is to want the job done. Therefore we can match that personality to one of our fast-paced plumbers, others like Mrs smith wish to know all of the in's and out's of the scope of work and therefore we send one of our technicians who is a little more suited for that.

      We will do our best to accommodate your request and assign your preferred plumber upon booking; however, should they not be available, another qualified team member will be assigned. Rest assured that all team members receive regular professional development training in the latest techniques and health and safety regulations. This ensures that they are well equipped to resolve any plumbing issue quickly and effectively.

      Generally, if you are a long term client, when making the booking, our office staff know who precisely to allocate to the job as they have been previously; that way, both the client and our tradesman are familiar with each other and the property over the years.

      If you are wanting to make a booking feel free to contact our team today.

      At Proximity Plumbing, no job is too big or too small- we take care of all of the things from the smallest of jobs such as a simple tap washer replacement right through to replacement of extensive sewer lines.

      Our aim at Proximity Plumbing is not to win every client over it's to ensure we build a relationship into the future and provide superior customer service, why? because we are in the community for the community.

      We value long-term relationships and work to know each property's unique characteristics to address any issues that inevitably arise over time effectively. No more stress & no more time wasted.

      If you are looking for a reliable, friendly and worthwhile plumber reach out to our plumbing team today- get in touch today!